Interwox DEMO.


We would like to host our own Interworx Demo to show our clients. Can you explain how the interworx demo is configured on the back end. We would like to demo an Interworx cluster, but not allow them to delete/remove a node from the cluster.



Please let me know if their is a way to make the Interworx demo read only where nothing can be adjusted. Has to be a way to chattr or adjust where Interworx stores it variables to make them immutable. I see that Interworx does not use MySQL on the back end like other control panels. Please provide assistance in this matter because we would really like to get a preview going for the cluster manager as we will be using Interworx in 3+ License clusters setups for our clients. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Edit: IF not possible we would really appreciate if interworx can provide some edited .php files for the clustering with the following. Would only take 2-3 seconds to comment out the buttons on the developers end.

/nodeworx/cluster/nodes - Remove the delete node.
/nodeworx/cluster/lb - Remove the Delete Selected Services.

Scott E.

As far as I know, Iworx does use MySQL for the internal data. But it’s using a separate rpm for the iworx db.