Invalid Interworx License

Invalid InterWorx-CP License
Invalid InterWorx-CP License

The license currently installed on this server is showing up as invalid to InterWorx-CP. This may be nothing more than a simple misconfiguration on your system, or the license could actually be invalid.

Before opening a support ticket please try the following:
Check your system time and verify that it is correct. Even if it is off by only a few minutes you should reset it to the correct time. The easiest way to do so is to run the following in a root shell:

service ntpd stop
service ntpd start
Make sure your firewall has port 2443 open both outbound and inbound. If it’s not open then InterWorx-CP can’t talk to the licensing server.
Run the following command from a root shell to re-sync your license after checking the system time:

/home/interworx/cron/license.pex --sync
After performing the above please refresh this page to see if the license is now valid.
Finally, if the license is still showing as invalid please open a support ticket with the datacenter which sold you your license. If you bought your license directly through the InterWorx-CP website then please open a ticket with us directly.
Invalid InterWorx-CP License

Have you taken the steps listed on the page in order to try to resolve your licensing problem?


You’ll need to open a support ticket with your server information so we can check it out! :smiley:

I am running out of patience here.

After Sagonet fixed the problem with the system graphs stopped at 1:45pm est EVERY day, the Interworx license showed as invalid, see first post in this thread.

Now the !#@$!@# fixed that and now the system graphs stopped at 1:45pm est again today!?!


Are you running it on an AMD64? Or Dual Core AMD/Intel?

I have seen this on some boxes, all centos
Solution was to sync. time with a time server every 1 or 5 min.

EDIT: The clock runs 2 times faster for some reason.

Nahh just a stinky 2GHz Celeron