IP listed as dedicated, and can't change it

My server has one IP, and when I first installed interworx it was listed as a shared IP and everything seemed fine.

Today I was starting to migrate accounts and now the IP shows up as “dedicated”. Trying to edit the IP through the cli or web shows:

“This IP Address is not controlled by an InterWorx-created config file. Some options may be disabled.”

And it’s not allowing me to edit the setting.

Any idea what’s up and how to fix it?

Have you checked to see if any websites are using the IP address? On the IP Management page under the status column, if a website is using a dedicated IP, you can’t change it. You would first have to move the site to a shared IP address and then try changing the type.

Ah, I should have posted here what was going on.

When I set up service ssl I also set up ssl for the server’s subdomain. So when I set up SSL for my server, this made the IP dedicated despite that the new betas of v5 support multi-ssl per ip.