IP Management Problem

[B]Hello Interworx Team,

I have a problem when i enter an ip address (look screen http://img459.imageshack.us/img459/4337/iworx3ui.png[/B][B]).

When i entered a device ETH0 i have NONE in device column and i can’t put YES in active system column, I don’t understand. Have you a solution please ?
Thanks for your answers.

PS : My system is Fedora Core 2

From the looks of it it doesn’t appear that the IP was applied to the system. Can you change the “active on sy system” to ‘yes’ and commit the changes and see if that binds it to eth0. If not feel free to open a ticket and we’ll check it out.


When i change the “active on system” to “yes”, there are message error “IP could not be activated :”. I open ticket with your support ?

Yes, feel free.


Ok Thanks Chris