IP, Rdns, move domain


Few questions

1- What is the best solution to move a domain from an shared IP (.41) to a dedicated IP (.42)

In fact I’d like to use the SSL management facilities from nodeworx but the domain has to be on an dedicated IP, so I have to move my domain from an shared IP to a dedicated one

2- On a shared IP is it possible to define a PTR record for this IP (reverse DNS)

Today If I do a host MYIP I see unknown.sagonet.com. I’d like to define reverse DNS but I’m not sure it will be fine on an shared IP ?

Thanks for your help


move a domain from a shared IP to a dedicated IP

Soon this will be easier, from within the NodeWorx interface, but as of right now, you have to do a couple steps.

  1. In NodeWorx under DNS Management, click the “Records” button next to the domain in question. Change all references to the old IP address to the new IP address

  2. Log into your server as root, via SSH. Edit the file /etc/httpd/conf.d/<domain>.conf where <domain> is the domain in question. Change the IP address near the to of the file to the new IP address

  3. Restart the webserver, either via NodeWorx, or via the command line by running: service httpd restart

That should do it. It may take a day or so before the site is functioning fully on the new IP address due to DNS propogation.

On a shared IP is it possible to define a PTR record for this IP (reverse DNS)

I’m actually not sure about this question, but I think Chris will have an answer for you, I’ll ask him to check this thread.


Thanks Paul

I have VPN. Do I need to change to dedicated or leave it on shared?

Are you asking how to change an account from a shared IP to a dedicated IP? The method is much easier now, updated since this last post was made (back in 2004).

If you have an unused dedicated IP, all you need to do is edit the accout in NodeWorx, check the “Enable IP Changes” box, and then choose the new IP in the dropdown. Then hit save.

If this account belongs to a reseller, the additional condition is that the dedicated IP must belong to the reseller for the IP change to work.

I updated my reply. Sorry didn’t know anyone had replied. after I posted I realized it should automatically change, but I did ask a new question

I don’t see an “Enable IP Changes.” I also don’t see anything about rDNS under IP management

Are you trying to change the IP of the account, or are you trying to setup rDNS for the domain, or both? :slight_smile:

To change the IP of an account, please see:

Both. I am trying to do both. I already changed the IP in the zones as well as in the config file. WHen I go to IP management, it shows the dedicated IP as the used IP which I already knew because when I try to go to my site by the dedicated IP address it comes up. I see nothing about rDNS though