IPv6 Day Beta!

Hi everyone!

Just in the nick of time, InterWorx will be releasing a beta version of InterWorx with IPv6 support. Not just AAAA records like we have now, but full top-to-bottom support, including clustering.

New features include:

  • IPv6
  • IPv6 Pools (you assign the server a block, InterWorx handles distribution inside the block)
  • Multiple IPv4 per SiteWorx account
  • Multiple IPv6 per SiteWorx account
  • Improved DNS template system
  • Improved backup importing (you can assign IPs to domains as you import, rather than later)
  • Load-balancing cluster nodes over IPv6
There will be a few known issues, which we will detail as fully as we can when we release.

The beta release should happen tomorrow (June 5th) unless we find something awful. The branch was pushed last week, and everyone has been hard at work breaking things :slight_smile: We have two blocking bugs remaining, both of which are in process.

So let us know if you’re interested in helping out with the beta! Installation will be much like our previous betas - we’ll create a new yum repo, you’ll need to install a conf file for it. After that, running yum update will get you going.

We’ll post an update tomorrow.


IPv6 is a very good news ! My server hoster (OVH) offer this feature for several months and now Iworx ! It’s very great ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested in the beta.

Sorry about the delay -


Here it is!