Is a 3.0 update coming... or switch to WebMin?

I’m trying hard to see the benefit of sticking with Interworx… no major development has occurred for months and months… any opinions on Webmin?


I think what you mean is “no major releases” have occured. As for webmin, it works well as a system admin tool but isn’t great as an end-user tool. I’m sure other folks will have opinions on webmin as it is used by many.


Here’s a benefit of sticking with Interworx: It does what it’s designed to do.

Constant enhancements aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. I’d much rather have a stable and predictable product than one plagued with the aftermath of twenty-five point releases within a month.

I say kudos to the Iworx team for carefully continuing to develop a product I feel comfortable standing behind in front of clients.


Not knocking it

Definitely not knocking the product… it does a good job… but there are major areas that need improvement, backups, spam/email handling, etc… I am speaking as a fairly experienced developer and I think what is there so far (the Interworx product) could be written by a single dedicated person in about four months, that’s why I’m surprised there hasn’t been much development (ok, releases) since the planned July release of 3.0…


Hey Cliff, want a job?

You’re seriously overlooking the complexity that goes into a product like this if you think it’s a 4 month project for 1 person. If it were such a simple task I can guarantee you you’d see a ton more options on the market. I won’t labor through the reasons why CPs aren’t simple or quick but they simply are. 3.0 will be available when it’s ready, and it won’t be too much longer.


When you have a large market on many different “flavors” of linux you can’t screw up some mundane detail that will put thousands of clients out of service. So if you add a bunch of new features you need to make sure there are not show stopper bugs floating around for all the supported versions of linux.

Basically what JayBaen said is right on the money. I’d rather wait 6 months for something and have it work then get it in 2 months and spend the next 4 months “fixing” it.

Also, I develop websites in PHP and that takes me about 4 weeks on average as a single developer and this is a much much smaller scale than what the interworx guys are doing. I’m sure the Iworx guys can’t say it b/c it wouldn’t be politically correct, but since I don’t work for them I will say that what you said about the “I could do it in 4 months” was pretty rude and way off base.

From now on, probably IWorx guys shouldn’t talk about ongoing development until they feel their next release is 80% ready. Of course they get feature requests and feedback from the forums, and I guess they should only talk like “that kind of a feature may/will be available in next/future release”. :wink:

The amount of time it takes to write one line of code (on average, of course) for this kind of thing is quite ridiculus. IWorx isn’t the most feature-rich thing out there, but its stable and for me that means more than anything else.

I hate Webmin, BTW.

And I’m suprised you didn’t ask for a resume first, Chris :slight_smile:

In general we don’t. This year we were expecting to relase on time for HostingCon in July. For a variety of reasons the code wasn’t done on time. We appologize for that but there isn’t much we can do about it. We catagoricallt refuse to release a piece of software which is known to be full of bugs to meet a self imposed deadline. We believe (and I’m sure a lot of our clients do as well, as shown by other posts in this thread and elsewhere) that this is one of our compedative advantages over most other panels.

After that we had other things which needed to take precendence due to deadlines (contracturally) and a lot of our developers’ time were needed there. Now that is done and they are back working on the next release which we hope to get out befoe Chrstmas.

I looked at Iworx back in February. I liked it a lot, especially how it was more stable than cpanel, which is totally buggy a lot of the time.

I’m coming back to Iworx with a cluster as soon as 3.0 comes out.

:wink: Keep up the good work, guys.

Good to see that another ISP offers Iworx!! :slight_smile:

While looking around at the market, it is not that easy to find ISPs that both has good value for the money and who run Iworx… mostly there is this dreaded cPanel that is on offer, and well… after been using Iworx and seeing how stable it is - there is not chance that I’ll be going back to cPanel in a near future.

But this leaves the question: When will 3.x be ready?! :wink: