Is Centos 7 really supported?


I checked the current RPMs and I found rhe7x in iworx-release ( Is this meaning that Centos 7 is supported now?

We are planning to rebuild two servers and it would be good to start with Centos 7.

Thank you!

Hi dss

I have seen them listed but to answer your question, no centos 7 iw has not been released in beta update as yet.

Thinking about it, there has not been any news re centos 7 since, but hopefully I’m sure, iw are still working on it.

Many thanks


Pretty sure CentOS 7 is a InterWorx 5.1 update. Might be showing up because of that, but I wouldn’t try installing anything but the 5.1 beta on CentOS 7.

It’s not fully supported yet. You need to use the 5.1 Beta on Centos 7 to use it, and there’s no apache modules for it yet, so best to wait. We’re going to move to it as-well :).