iworx and webmail down all time !!

Iworx really work absolutly great, but the system have a big trouble.

Webmail and interowrx panel down all time.

I already open tickets for this trouble, and never iworx patch this trouble.
I have script making iworx restart every hour, its the only one solution i create for this.

Please dont requestme open more tickets for this, this happening on all my servers at random time, and happen to other person i configure the iworx panel.

Its actual bug, aparently something fail all time.

Please can answer something about when we have fix for this?

Please provide more information about your hardware and software. You are always talking that you know for sure it’s a InterWorx problem but let me tell you I don’t have these problems on my systems.
I’m for sure it is not a bug.
Other thing: I realy never ever have to wait long for a reply on my tickets, support from InterWorx is fast and good.

I realy don’t like the way you always talk about your problems, it is never your problem always InterWorx.

Your server is much more then InterWorx, begin by your hardware, then your OS, etc…

Iworx guys already tellme on ticket they see this trouble on other boxes.
Under some situations, this happen, and they no find why…no yet.
This happen specially on servers with high traffic, this its a bug.

I see this on servers iwth 1gb ram, with 512, rhel, centos, fedora p4 or celerons…

Hi Dj-Grobe,

Looking at the ticket we have from you regarding this issue, we were waiting for more details on how to reproduce the problem, but you never responded. Without being able to reproduce the problem it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, for us to figure out what’s going on.

I realize that some problems are so “random” in nature that it seems there isn’t a way to reproduce it. In these cases, we ask that you submit a ticket as soon as the problem arises, and let us take a look while the system is in the “broken” state. We’ve asked other clients to do the same thing on previous tickets, and it usually works out pretty well.

Let us know if you want the ticket ID number so that you can update the ticket, or feel free to open a new one, when the problem occurs again.


Ok i reopen ticket, but i cant have service down for hours waiting somebody chek from iworx. !
So how we can make this more faster?
I asume the trouble its mysql down (secodn mysql server used for iworx and webmail)

I know this is not a fix, but when this happens, doesn’t restarting the Iworx service help for a quick fix?

~# service iworx restart