iworx not starting automtaically after reboot


iworx does not start automatically after reboot. i checked chkconfig --list iworx and it’s turned on in 3,4,5 so it should run at boot up time. but it’s not… i have to manually run service iworx start to get it to run…

any suggestions?

Weird. If anyone else experiences something like this (or if it’s still an issue), you should probably open up a support ticket.

This is fixed.

The issue with this is we have our physical servers into multiple Virtual Nodes. And we used a none standard ethernet card in vmware (not the E1000), what happens is during a reboot, it does not get activated right away, and we needed to run vmware config tools. ONce vmare config tools, the nic card shows up, and allows iworx to restart. Butnow we changed to the standard E1000 so this does not happen again.

hope this helps others.