Socheat is scared to post

That’s not all he’s scared to do… mwuahahahaha :eek:

has no idea what he’s referring to

Thanks for calling me out, Chris. :mad: I’m not scared to post, I’m just a guy of few words. Unless I actually know what I’m talking about, then you’ll get a nice long-winded response. :slight_smile:

my bad, me dumb. i have greg in a headlock right now.

jeez chris…when you said you wanted to hug me…I didn’t think you meant like this!!

OUCH!!! :frowning:

Be nice


Chris made me post, so here I am. I am very happy to do this, for the record. So, how is everybody doing?


Is that the whole team then? :eek: Hehe. :smiley:

Just about, Paul posts enough (and he’s happy to do it to for the record, or so Bojan would say) .


Hey! Don’t forget about Dustin, the Live Help guy…although he’s pretty much worthless! :wink:

Everytime I look up there are more of you guys… At least I know there will always be someone around if I need one of you :slight_smile:

Actually…there’s just one of us in the whole company, with multiple personalities…and we never sleep…we just stare at our computer screen waiting for problems to arise!


The Nexcess/InterWorx staff ferociously attacking problems.

Just out of curiosity, how many InterWorx developers are there?

We have a staff of 4 dedicated full time to iworx-cp itself, with various helpers that float from iworx to other things Tim. Bojan developed the theme engine in InterWorx-CP, among other things, and Socheat authored the CRON, SSL and CPanel conversion utilities and they’ll be around more often on the boards here as their contributions grow.


Thanks, Chris.

Also known as Importer 5000. Importer 6000 will have the added ability to restore siteworx backups. And just an FYI, I only call it Importer x000 because it irks Chris. Just like this post probably will too. :smiley:

H?h? the Interworx’s team grow up :slight_smile:
Cool and it seems that the InterWorx’s customer too :smiley:

Hollidays end, and now we can read all of yu. Coool

Heu, if yu need a frenchy guy to help yu to translate Faq/Tuto/ or Interworx do not hesitate :slight_smile: I’m here :cool:



Where can I find this cpanel converter or importer 6000 :cool:


It’s part of the BETA restore script that I tested last week. Right now it’s not available on the web site. Right now it’s command line only and had to be manually installed by InterWorx.


okay let me clairify before you start asking me questions: I beta tested an siteworx restore utility last week which had a cpanel converter option, but I didn’t beta test that part and I’m not even sure that part of the script is ready be be beta tested on a live server.