Keeping Services Up

Hi Guys,

This morning I can into the office to find MySQL down. Whats the best way to check each service and restart if down? I know this is quite fundamental.

Auto-restart MySQL: [?] [YES]

With this option on you can have MySQL restarted automatically if MySQL goes down unexpectedly.

Make sure you have that set to YES

Looks like I had better go to spec savers.

It was already set to “Yes” but it didn’t restart in nearly an hour! :frowning:

I think it should be checking every 5 mins, so something obviously wasn’t right. I think if MySQL gets locked up, but doesn’t crash out it may not see it as down. Did it shows as “stopped” in NodeWorx or service status? Did the error logs reveal anything?

I think it got locked up so it was running. :frowning:

Infact it was as there were MySQL error messages. Our server got nailed with a DoS… which worked!!