language file update button

I can’t delete language file.

I have to delete and add again for updating language file.

Please add a button for updating language file…

I agree with this. The people that don’t use another language (i.e. English speaking folks) can’t tell how frustrating it it to have to do this procedure every time you want to update the language (not to say that NONE of your clients have to be using that particular language…) Regards! :slight_smile:

English is the language file that others use to translate the other files and I suspect they think it’s a bad idea to be able to delete english.

Are you saying you can’t delete the other languages either?

lang update is so difficult thing…

[SIZE=2]if you want to update a language you have to delete old file… if there is just 1 user using it yo can’t delete this file… :([/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]how can you update :confused: [/SIZE]

I think this is a question for one of the guys to answer.

yes this message is reply for previous message…