Less choices by default for FTP Account creation directory structure..

I just had to login for a customer to add an FTP account for them because they couldn’t find a main subdirectory on their site among all of the sub-sub-sub-directories… It literally took like 10 minutes just to find it on the list and create the FTP account…

It would be nice to have an option just to show like /chroot/home/user/public_html/directory1, directory2, etc. and not all the sub-sub directories. This customer literally had like 700 directories listed on there. It was pretty intimidating. :eek:

Yeah, that’s not optimal :slight_smile:

The script that populates that has a timeout on it - if it takes more than 1.5 seconds to read the directory, it gives up and just puts a text input there instead.

I guess if you have super-fast hard drives, it kinda works against you!

This seems like perhaps a popup file browser might be the way to go…we haven’t done anything like that yet, though…