Let's Encrypt Integration

So, a friend of mine asked me in an IRC channel if InterWorx was going to add Let’s Encrypt integration.

Right now, cPanel has a feature request over here for LE integration. Since this applies to both NodeWorx and SiteWorx, I figured posting the request here would be a better idea until someone moves it to the appropriate place.

One thing to be concerned about may be the e-mail that LE needs for contacting a site owner about their certs. You should probably ensure that it’s properly accounted for in our shared/reseller hosting environments for those of us who offer shared/reseller hosting.

I’m surprised a request hadn’t been posted here, as so far, LE is now in Open Beta as of December 3rd. We plan on implementing this but it’ll be a manual process, requiring us to temporarily stop the httpd server to do the standalone SSL cert install.

I’d personally prefer to have an InterWorx-tested LE implementation rather than one that I cobble together, especially since I suspect that presenting the UI for cert generation and the like would require working on IW itself. Which we obviously can’t do as per our Reseller agreement with IW.

Edit: And of course, someone’s already made a how-to for using LE with cPanel, here. So they’ve already got an implementation going… at least, for their API stuff.

If InterWorx wants to hold off on releasing a proper, official integration, you could drop an “unofficial” how-to yourself - that would be clever (it would be turning whoever attempts it into alpha testers). Perfect way to test out your implementation, especially against the staging server that LE has.