License Provisioning API

Hi Guys,

We’re looking to further streamline our provisioning process, and as we love to sell InterWorx far more than those cough other control panels, a means to quickly provision licenses for new server installs would be ideal. I realize that using ModernBill for license purchases might be a limiting factor, but I thought I’d throw the idea our for discussion.

An XML-RPC interface (much like the existing InterWorx API, which we’ve used to automate account provisioning) to the licensing/billing system would be awesome.



We’ll definitely be implementing this after HostingCon for all RPs. I’ll keep you posted.



That’s awesome news! Thanks!

I won’t be attending HostingCon, but some of my buddies from Ubersmith will.


And i’m missing out on Hostingcon to go to HOPE in NYC, why must the dates conflict =/

mstyne, could I get a tour of LGA2 while I’m up there? =]


I’d love to show you around, but unfortunately I operate out of our Troy, NY offices. I’ll see if anyone else is available, but things are pretty busy these days!


Sounds good, I will be up there from July 21-23. Shoot me an e-mail :slight_smile:


Hi Fellas,

Well, time flies when you’re having fun! This issue has reared its head again, and I’m wondering if any progress has been made with respect to an API for licensing?


Sorry about the 3-month gap, but the answer is yes and no :slight_smile:

With the release of 4.0, we’ve made massive leaps forward in the InterWorx API, which is going to make the licensing API much, much simpler. Unfortunately, that feature didn’t make it in time for 4.0, but it’s on the list for 4.1.



No sweat. I think we chatted about this a bit at HostingCon. We’re looking forward to being first in line to test anything you guys have as soon as it’s ready to go. I’m sure it’s a feature our clients will really like having available.

Thanks again,