listed in backscatter

Our server recently got listed in - although we have doublebounces set to off in Nodeworx 3,

After running a test for checking if we block backscatter - we don’t

(after telneting into the box:

mail from:

I get a response like this:

250 2.1.5

instead of

550 User unknown

I have a standard CentOS 5x+Nodeworx3x config. What could be the cause and what can I do?


If “Bounce On” isn’t enabled in SiteWorx->Email->Overview, messages for invalid recipients won’t be rejceted at the SMTP level. It will either silently accept and delete the message, or deliver the message to a catchall, if that is how it is setup.

That’s the first thing I would investigate.


the main problem was solved (with chkuser), but there is another - also connected with backscatter - how can i disable Sender callouts (Sender Verify / SAV)?