Longer Forum Sessions?

[SUP]IMO the timeout for forum login is set way to low. Anyone else agree? I do something and come back 20ish minutes later and have to log back in, which is kind of annoying. Most of the forums I visit allow me to stay logged on for days (or even as long as I don’t log out or clear cookies).[/SUP]

I’ll check into doing that, but in the meantime, if you click the “remember me” button at the login, it’ll keep you logged in :slight_smile:

Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Cookies and HTTP Header Options -> Session Timeout

That is suppose to be the area you can increase or decrease the session timeout. It would be nice if that was set to a much longer period. Obviously the specific time is up for debate but I personally would like to see at least an hour [3600] if not even longer (perhaps half a day [43200] or something).

Hi Jeremy

I hope you don’t mind, but IW are aware of the settings and values.

I personally think 15 mins max no usage is long enough, or perhaps match it to stars session time out values.

I understand your view, but there will be a proportion of users who just close without logging out, and a lot of open sessions could be left open for hours, which I don’t like myself sorry.

I hope you don’t mind my thoughts

Many thanks


Well I know IW can’t please everyone, however I haven’t used a forum that has such a short auto logout. Many times I have started working on a reply and then something comes up (email, phone call, text) or I want to double check something and when I finally get it done I hit post and bam to long. I find this very annoying and frustrating. This is the only forum where I experience this issue. Heck raising it to 30 minutes would be more functional.

I fail to see what the issue is over allowing much longer sessions. I agree for something like SSH or a banking session it is good to autokill a session. However this is a forum account not a server admin password or your credit card login.

So if a user doesn’t logout and leaves and comes back an hour later and is still on the same session I don’t see the issue. That might raise the question of someone could use their browser to access their account. Well if they checked stay logged in that can happen too.

However I know, as I stated, everyone will have their own opinion on the time. I have expressed mine and it is what it is.

Hi Jeremy

Many thanks, and yes I agree 30 minutes would be a better time value.

I also experience the time out issue, but thankfully, the forum autosaves your typed response, which whilst does not overcome your thoughts, it certainly helps.

In case your not fully aware, I do not work for interworx, and therefore my opinions are not those of interworx.

Also, I use tapatalk, which is truly good, on mobile but does have its drawbacks, but is very useful, and I’m not too sure if you use it, which if not, you may want to have a look at it.

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks


Hello John,

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I was aware you don’t work for IW so you can’t speak for them. :slight_smile:

As for Tapatalk I haven’t used that before. While I have a smartphone and use it on the go I rarely type long replies with it. I am old school and want a real keyboard and find a touch based keyboard less than desirable. So my smartphone is for quick texting, voice chatting, and reading information but not for long messaging. Yeah I know there is voice typing which I have but using that feature while sitting in a restaurant or public place doesn’t sit well with me.