Mail forwarding

How do I set up a mail account (not a catchall) to forward on to approx 10 email addresses?

You would want to set it up as an email group. Site Services > Email > Groups

Put the address in the first field and the 10 email addresses, 1 per line, in the text area.

I have tried that but i just get:

? Changes NOT saved:
? An e-mail box exists with the same name, unable to create group.
? Invalid member address: <list of emails>

“? An e-mail box exists with the same name, unable to create group.”

If you have an email box already setup with this name then you need to remove it first.

[SIZE=2]This account was migrated from another server, so the mailbox’s password has been set, for which i dont know. I cant just start changing the passwords.[/SIZE]

An email group is not an actual mailbox…it’s just an alias that sends to multiple recipients. If you need to collect the mail AND send to 10 recipients…create an email group named or something…put the 10 other email addresses in that group…and then edit the email box and put in the Send Copy To field.

ok its 11 addresses…
how are they formatted, 1 per line ended with anything , or ; ?
keep getting returned
? Invalid member address:

tried with nothing, a comma and a semi colon

Yes, 1 per line. Nothing at the end. If it’s not working, please open a support ticket with your nodeworx, server info and the list of email addresses,

all sorted - ta

wasnt accepting block of email addies as i pasted them in, invalid character spacing etc

Gotcha! Glad it’s fixed :smiley: