maillog warnings...

I deleted two messages from my mail queue and now I have these warnings in /var/log/maillog

@4000000044a968ab3891e53c warning: trouble opening local/21/6030276; will try again later
@4000000044a968b8388bbf04 warning: trouble opening local/6/6030261; will try again later

It’s been “trying again later” for hours… seems like the mail queue delete is broken… any ideas how to reset things so I don’t receive this warning?


Hi Cliff,

If you used InterWorx to delete those messages, it shouldn’t have lead to this warnings, but anything is possible.

One sure fire way to repair the queue is to blow it away and rebuild it.

svc -d /service/send /service/smtp /service/smtp2
killall qmail-remote
cd /var/qmail/
mv queue queue.old
rpm -Uvh --force /var/cache/yum/interworx-cp-*/packages/`rpm -q qmail`.*.rpm
svc -u /service/send /service/smtp /service/smtp2

NOTE: You may get warnings about /service/smtp2 not existing - this is fine, it just means you haven’t set up smtp on a second port via InterWorx.

There are also various qmail queue repair utilities available online, but I’ve had the most luck rebuilding it by re-installing the RPM.