Making the Leap to Iworx

Hey, I’m new here and figured this would be the place to post. I’ve been using cPanel since early 2004 and have been somewhat attached to it. Then I heard about Interworx and gave the demo on the site a try and found it pretty sweet. I’m planning on switching servers sometime this summer, and thought it would be the perfect time to reevaluate my current server software and decide what to scrap and what to try out. cPanel development is pretty stagnant, and I’m tired of things breaking on practically every update and not being able to use Apache2 (and yes, I know CP11 is “coming soon”… it has been for quite awhile :stuck_out_tongue: ). Interworx seems like a better choice based on what I’ve tried so far, and the community here seems great.

I just have a couple of quick questions that would help me decide for sure:

  1. Does CSF firewall work with Interworx? Can it be integrated into Iworx like it can with cpanel?

  2. Would it be possible to order a leased license to try it out on my server for awhile, then if I like it could I order a one-time license? I know there’s a demo available, but my server is currently running cpanel and they would probably conflict with each other, wouldn’t they? Do I have another option to give Interworx a try?

  3. I read in the FAQ that Interworx uses PHP4, and PHP5 breaks most of the scripts installed with it. I also read somewhere that Iworx runs its own versions of Apache and PHP, so I could install PHP5 and use that for my account… is that true?

I think that’s all. Thanks for any info you guys can give! :slight_smile:

I just have a couple of quick questions that would help me decide for sure:

  1. Does CSF firewall work with Interworx? Can it be integrated into Iworx like it can with cpanel?[/quote]

InterWorx uses APF, not CSF, but we do have it integrated into the NodeWorx interface. You can find out more here:

Most definitely, or we could upgrade your lease licensed to a one-time license.

Yes it would. We require you install InterWorx on a clean box.

Yes, InterWorx has it’s own Apache, PHP, and MySQL. You are free to upgrade the system version of PHP and MySQL. We don’t officially support it, but others have done it, and others have posted excellent howto’s on how they did it.

Hope to see you around here more often. :slight_smile:

Having used both cPanel and Iworx I can strongly recommend Iworx over cPanel. Sure, cPanel has more bells n’ whistles - but if you want to get things done fast through a slick interface on a control panel with low(er) over-head and more security - then you go with Iworx :slight_smile:

(Not to mention the excellent support and attitude from the people here at!)

Thanks for the reply Socheat, all of that sounds good. :smiley: And I will definitely check out those how-tos for upgrading php. I think that’s another awesome thing about Interworx… the fact that it uses its own version of php and mysql… it makes it more flexible for different users with different needs. :slight_smile:

About APF - I actually used it for a couple of years before I found CSF, which seems to be a lot more powerful than APF, and is constantly being developed. I guess I’m asking if it’s possible to disable APF and instead run CSF instead?

@Henrik - Yes, after trying the demo I realized that Interworx’s design seems a lot better than cPanel’s. It seems cleaner and easier to use, and it doesn’t really seem like it would take a lot to adjust to the change. :cool:

Thanks a lot for the replies, it’s really appreciated!

Sure, you’d just need to set APF to not start on boot (configured from the Firewall page in NodeWorx), and then simply install CSF. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to control CSF from NodeWorx, but you’d still be able to run it without InterWorx caring too much. We’ve had a few clients who leave APF off and configure iptables on their own.