manual install of interwork?

Is there some way I can “manually” install Interworx?
(i.e. not use the install script)

I’d like to have a stab at getting Interworx going on a bleeding-edge FC4 mini-ITX box.

Does anyone know of any “generic” steps for installing Interworx “manually” on fedora?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jared :smiley:


How manual would you like? :D. The install script actually there to make life easy, the one thing that’s missing for FC4 are our pre-compiled RPMs. You’re free to try to compile the, the SRPMs live in and most, but not all, are needed.

The InterWor-CP RPMs are in:

I don’t have details on how to do this all so I can’t be of much help just due to time constraints but feel free to dabble.


Thanks Chris, much appreciated.

Im mightily impressed by the quick responses by-the-way!
Love your work! :smiley: