Mass Account Transfer

This feature import sites, and create resellers?
Its usefull for move complete server? to new server?

Yes, mass transfer is useful for transferring all accounts to a new server. For accounts that are large, you may want to consider doing a “structure-only” import (available when both old and new boxes are v.3.0).

Please note that this only transfers SiteWorx accounts. NodeWorx information like NodeWorx users, service settings, etc, are not currently backed up.

Yes, just user and reseller, anyway i think i use shell, to import, its a largue move i trust more in shell : )

Thankyou anyway

I’m trying to do a mass-transfer but i got this:

Backup empty /tmp/xxxxxxxx…tgz

xxxx = random name??

What must i do?
I have a ticket open but didn’t receive a reponse… its very urgent. (clients waiting)

I just responded to your support ticket. We’re looking in to it right now.

Thanks, problem was a [ character.