Mass Import fails Undefined property: stdClass::$ip

Trying to execute a Mass Import with nine domains. There is one import that is failing and returning this error:

Loaded Domain : [redacted].com, Undefined property: stdClass::$ip, A system error has occurred. Please try your request again in a few minutes., If the error persists, please contact support., [redacted].com requires , which is not an InterWorx-enabled IP Address.

What I can see in looking at the source server is that there is an IPv4 assigned to this account - the same as the others since this is a VPS with shared IP - but it appears to have no IPv4 associated with it as the others do under IP Mapping. (It does have an IPv6.) It is also not possible to select an IPv4 from the dropdown under IP Mapping as nothing comes up when clicked.

Not sure how this could have happened - the site IS available and functions properly.

How do I map an IPv4 to the domain? I think this is the issue with the import.

Hi everettmarshall

You should be able to map the ipv4 to domain on source server from nodeworx siteworx edit domain, use ip and select the ipv4.

Of this fails, you should be able to mass import your domains but deselect this domain. Then do a single import and it should ask you to assign an ip to domain on import.

If your saying this domain uses an ipv6, and it is failing, then I would open a support ticket and let IW have a look, to see why it is failing

Many thanks