Mass Import from cPanel server

I tried to migrate from an old server at a different site running cPanel to the new server running InterWorx.

Once I select “query server” it finds all 8 or so domains on that SERVER, I can check them off, but nothing else happens. There is no other option to do anything on this screen, like Proceed/Trasfer/Ok.

What does show up on the right hand side in purple beside each domain is “LG_NOFREEIPS”.

Help. :confused:

Do you have any IP addresses on the InterWorx server that are listed as shared?


Yes, 3.

But under the DNS SERVER, for ns1 and ns2 I put our standard, not any of the the 3 x shared IPs on the InterWorx server.

Please open a support ticket with all of the necessary info and we’ll if we can get this fixed. Thanks.