Mass restore via import.pex?

I recently set up nightly backups to a second hard drive using the following command:

--domains=all --file-path=/backup

This is meant to allow for faster restoration in the event of a catastrophic failure, and provides redundancy to our offsite rsync backups.

After rereading the Restore documentation, I realized that I did not know how to restore all files at once. Is there a command line option like “–domains=all” for import.pex? If not, what is the recommended restore method? (Note: At the moment there may be two weeks worth of backups on the backup drive, all together in one directory).

I have used the Mass Account Transfer feature before but that requires the accounts to be installed on a second IWorx box.



Hi Nack,

At this time, the only way to import an account is one by one, by copying the archive over to the new server and then either using the command line or NodeWorx to import the file.