Maybe somebody could help me


I try to use MCPAN to install perl module used by razor, dcc, spamassassin, …

So I do

[root@server1]# perl -MCPAN -e shell

And have this error

Undefined value assigned to typeglob at (eval 14) line 15, <RC> line 11.
Warning [/etc/inputrc line 11]:
  Invalid variable `mark-symlinked-directories'

cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.76)
ReadLine support enabled

My OS is a CentOS 3.1

So I can’t install any perl modules
(I have a lot off errors)

If somebody could help it will be very cool


try replacing "shell: woth “bash” (the name of the shell you are probably using). Let me know if it works.


try replacing "shell: woth “bash” (the name of the shell you are probably using). Let me know if it works

perl -MCPAN -e bash

Nothing happens

hmm . … I guess we’ll have to wait for someone from InteWorx to answer this one.

I ask to sago aswell as it is a new server and it’s the first time I use MCPAN, but they’ll charge me for that :\

I searched on the net but the only one post I found was in russian :\

Well, hope somebody here is a MCPAN pro :slight_smile:

Thanks Tim

can you post more of the errors pascal. on one of our centos boxes it starts clean but when you run the CPAN module for the first time you have to be ready to answer a TON of quetsions :).

And for the record this worked for me on CentOS:

 perl -MCPAN -e shell

Honestly it’s almost easier to just grab / compile the tarballs yourself pascal if you’re not familiar with the CPAN mod/interface, and even lately I’ve been choosing the compile/install manually myself as well.



In fact I have already answered to all the conf questions at the beginning.
Then I have install the last cpan module : install bundle::cpan
And after that, I had this error.

I can’t give you more as the error comes when I launch CPAN in shell mode. It comes at the begining

Sago answer me that :
I’ve commented out the line: mark-symlinked-directories
from your /etc/inputrc file
This appeared to correct the problem which you were having.

I have to install a lot of prerequisites :

for razor

install Net::Ping Net::DNS Time::HiRes Digest::SHA1 Getopt::Long File::Copy Digest::Nilsimsa URI::Escape

for SpamAssassin

install ExtUtils::MakeMaker File::Spec Pod::Usage HTML::Parser DB_File Net::DNS

But when I try to install these pgm I have a lot of pbm

One of them it’s that cpan doesn’t find the pod2man .
I checked and it is in /bin/

Message :
Warning: I could not locate your pod2man program. Please make sure,
your pod2man program is in your PATH before you execute ‘make’

On my old boxe I have used CPAN a lot of times, and I never had a pbm