mdadm removal?

I’m running Centos 4.1 and before installing the Interworx script I setup the drives in a RAID 1 configuration, I’ve noticed that now mdadm is not on the system. Is there a conflict with interworx and mdadm? If there isn’t is there a way I can prevent interworx from removing mdadm? If there is a conflict how can I setup/maintain my RAID array?

There is no conflict, your distro installer may not have put madm on the system, you can safely install it without harming iworx-cp.


Thanks Chris, I did have mdadm work b4 the iworx install. Then after the script finished it didn’t work any more, but I reinstalled it and it works fine now. I didn’t think to check the list of SW that the script was uninstalling because the only thing this server have on it is iworx. Anyways it works now, thanks :-D.


As far as I understand, mdadm must have got uninstalled because by default on a CenOS clean install, mdadm has sendmail as a dependency. So when the Interworx install removed sendmail, it got rid of mdadm too.

I am glad you got it working again though.