Mention of InterWorx on its shared hosting

Is it fair for InterWorx people to mention about interworx (as they are the developers) on their hosting site?

Second, is there any issues on offering support?
And it affects hosters in offering InterWorx?

Below are some posts taken from a forum thread.


We currently do not provide Interworx although we have been in contact with them, however at the time we felt like they weren’t going to be able to handle our (high) demands due to certain reasons. The product itself seems very interesting but in order to work with them we need a certain level of service from their end too. When we feel confident they can provide that we’ll most likely start offering it on our VPS’s.

Until then you may feel free to get a license from Interworx directly and use it on our VPS’s.


Do you mean about their 24/7 support to you? (Although they try to reply as quick as possible in (US) day time with forums I guess they are not truly 24/7 with interworx support)

PS: another issue with them is that they provide hosting too (they are planing to do VPS too) and a simple search on “InterWorx” easily gets to their hosting site and their hosting site mentions about their control panel too. (I have read somewhere that an earlier version of their CP was mentioning about their hosting site in the copyright lines; but I know it is not so now.)

this would have any effect on hosting companies trying to give support for or choosing interworx?


It’s about 24/7 support and also the level of support that’s provided. Furthermore if their products are directly related to their hosting services that makes it impossible for us to offer their products.



As of 2005 the InterWorx is no longer affiliated with NEXCESS.NET and is, in fact, it’s own spinoff (InterWorx LLC). Some employees have a prescense in both companies but for the most part the 2 are completely autonomous.

NEXCESS.NET will shortly scrub the site of any “ownership” of the InterWorx brand and while it is true that VPS services will be offered NEXCESS.NET will actually be offering a variety of control panel options, including InterWorx-CP.

Regarding 24/7 support, we don’t claim to offer 24/7 support and while we may actually approach it simply because of the way our staff is scheduled for InterWorx support we make no hard claims to that effect.

Regarding the “high” demans we couldn’t meet, the posts are a bit vague on why a “certain level of service” couldn’t be expected so I can’t say what that means or why it was said. I encourage anyone who has dealt with our support to post experiences here or otherwise in the forums and hopefully that’ll give folks an idea of how we’re doing :).

Finally, what many saw as problemtatic NEXCESS.NET owning InterWorx has been rectified and the 2 companies have gone their seperate ways. What most folks don’t understand is that the birth of InterWorx from NEXCESS.NET’s developers is actaully an asset. Many features were set in motion because of this connection that will make the product more relavent for a hosting firm. This will hopefully become clear in the next release as many itches of the original team will be scratched with this new version.

I hope that clears things up :).


I dont see why there is any conflict between the two companies in the first place. A webhosting company develops a product in house b/c what’s out there doesn’t suit them and they have the resources to do it better. They then decide to share this product with the rest of the community.

As per support it doesn’t get any better than Iworx. I know on many times they’ve gone beyond whats expected. I know you cant please everyone but I think Iworx is close to it.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that the InterWorx demo mentions their hosting site in the nameservers (ns1. and ns3.). Also, the nameservers for is also the same (although this may not be an issue for many).

Regarding high demands, if it is OK to mention the site where the posts are taken from, I can mention the site (host).

I also fail to see these relationships as bad. Why wouldn’t it be expected that Interworx would “advertise” via their hosting company, and vice-versa? In fact, if everyone of the Interworx employees forum signatures stated “Please rent services from,” I still wouldn’t see it as a problem. It would actually make me curious if they didn’t cross-pollenate.


Regarding high demands, if it is OK to mention the site where the posts are taken from, I can mention the site (host).

I actually read the thread after a google search and you’re free to post it but it wasn’t really inflammatory (at least to me it wasn’t). It could have simply been that 24/7 guaranteed support was needed and we simply had to say that we don’t provide it.


There are many advantages to the relationship between the two companies (at the current time it is probably best stated that is an InterWorx-CP Client/Reseller Partner the same as Sago, Steadfast and the others. You will see them listed on our partners page).

But another advantage is that they also serve as release candadate testers. With the number of servers Nexcess runs and the variety of hosting needs they serve, a lot of potential “bugs” can be squashed BEFORE the release, minimizing the need for point (‘bug fix’) releases.

It also helps keep the developers grounded in web hosting and not become too detatched like the people writing some other control panels I could mention but won’t :wink: They have to get their heads out of the code once in a while to deal with the “real world” issues of web hosting.

Well put Tim.

This is something i forgot to mention in my post. This is very true b/c as a programmer you can forget about the true end user experience and needs if you aren’t seeing it from both sides.