Migrating siteworx account from one box to an other


I’m migrating all my siteworx accounts from one server to an other.
I’ve made a full siteworx backup of all accounts (it takes 8h00) and at the end done a dump of all mysql database (I know interworx does this but for the first account backuped, there is 8:00 lost in the database)

My problem is about creating reseller and recreating reseler’s siteworx accounts.

Indeed the only solution is :

  • Create manualy the reseler account
  • Create every reseler’s siteworx account by using the import.php command and by defining the --reseler-id=x

My problem is that I don’t the list of the reseler’s sitreworx account. As they are not my client I do not have the list of all siteworx accounts owned by one reseler
It’s a pain to ask now to all my reseler they give me the siteworx accounts they have created. And maybe some of them don’t know exactly this

My solution would be to request the old nodeworx database to list all siteworx accounts per reseler. If I could have a list like this

reseler id | name | pwd | siteworx account or domains

Some of you already did this ?

I have open a ticket about his but I don’t have answer yet, and we quicly need to find how to have the list from the old database of sitreworx accounts per reseler



Pascal, I’m not sure if you noticed this but if you log into NodeWorx as the administrator and go to the page that lists SiteWorx accounts there is a dron down menu at the top containing your resellers. If you select a particular reseller from that menu the page refreshes and lists his or her SiteWorx accounts.

I haven’t seen your ticket yet but I do know that a beefing up of the reseller system in general is on the “to do” list for upcoming versions. I’m sure reseller access to the backup/restore system will be included at some point.