Migration threads

Hey Guys, I am planning on posting some info on how to migrate from ensim to iworx as I’ve done nearly 30 of them now.

However I was thinking that you might want to create a separate forum/topic for those threads so people can get right to them.

So far so good, I can pretty much do a site in about 10 minutes if its not too complicated, meaning it does not have too many config files that need to be changed…

Glad to hear bluesin. We’ve got an importer working for Ensim 4.03 that will be in the next version of IWorx-CP as well.


Now you tell me:>)

Actually, its not that hard to do manually, but the importer will be a big hit, especially for large installations…

Is there a release date available for when this is going to be out? I’ll be switching over regardless but I think having an ensim migration tool would really ease the switch.

It’s coming with InterWorx 2.0.0 which is due out very shortly (already in beta testing). From what I’ve read, I would just wait because this should be out within a week.


They are testing it on my previous server as I understand it right now. I posted another thread on the steps for manually doing it, its not that hard actually…

bluesin, i’ve read through your entire post and it does seem quite easy. At this point I dont see it being a problem waiting a week or two until they release the migration tool. Give them another person using it as soon as it comes out and i can offer feedback as well. Even though i’m sure it works flawlessly!


hehehehe, I wish I could test it, but I’m all done moving my sites:>(

Chris, notified me today that they completed their testing on it on my server and worked out all the bugs, perhaps they’ll let you test it out to see how it works.

Have you installed iworx yet?

I haven’t purchased my new machine yet. Within the next week or two i’ll be picking up a sagonet server with iworx on it. So I wont be able to help out much with testing as I only currently have an ensim box.