**MINOR** Spam Settings

I have a rewrite rule on my global spam settings, but for one account that I am having everything go to a Spam folder which is automatically cleaned out by a cron job I dont want to rewrite the subject header or do the attach original, just want it tagged as spam and thats it.

So now SiteWorx has a few custom settings which can be set without having to do a custom rule manually.

Spam Delivery
Spam Score Threshold
Rewrite Message Subject
Message Attachment Policy

When setting the “Rewrite Message Subject” to blank (to override the server/nodeworx setting) it does create a rule with “rewrite_header subject” to just not add anything, but the “Rewrite Message Subject” UI in the siteworx screen then shows as the default with “[SPAM]” in the box and the “Do not change the message subject” radio selected instead of the box radio being selected with nothing in the text box.

This issue is addressed in the final release. Those settings pay attention to the global prefs, and you can override them with a blank option also.