Modernbill 5 BETA

If anyone out there is demoing the MB5 BETA/RC release and would like to try out our mod_interworx mod please PM me or e-mail me at clwells |at| and I’ll get you our BETA mod this week.


Hello Chris

Chris from Carat-Hosting should contact you soon :wink:


Hello Chris,

Just wondering with MB5 having gone stable today, how far roughly you were off being able to supply a BETA copy of the interworx module?


i am using it…
actually the final version has been release…
i have it installed, but working through some problems that are preventing me from using it

We’re still a bit away from having the mod complete. The next version is IWorx-CP is getting close and once it’s out there the mod will follow shortly thereafter.


great… (cant wait for the next version of IWorx)
i have worked through my v5 issues, so once its ready feel free to let me know if you want a tester

I’m still waiting on Ubersmith Integration =]


It’s in there! 5.2.3 came out today, and it includes an order module to provision InterWorx accounts… provided of course, that’s what you’re looking for!


Yay!! Now I just need DirectI integration and I will be set =]

Thanks a TON Mike, If it’s alright with you, we’d like to add the Ubersmith logo to the graphic on our site which shows ModernBill and the others.


I’ll check with the Ubersmith guys, but I don’t imagine them being opposed to it.


Free advertizing? I would imagine not :wink: Let me know.


Eh, you never know. Wasn’t my place to say yes or no, anyway. That said, I just got an email from Boo, one of the lead developers, who said a logo on the site would be great.


Absoulutely agreed – always best to ask :slight_smile: Didn’t mean anything by the comment.

We’ll get our graphics designer on it.

UPDATE on this:

I spoke to the MB guys directly at Hosting Con and they will be writing the interface module for InterWorx-CP as they have done for the other panels. This is good news becuase InterWorx-CP will be on par with the other modules integrated with Modernbill and will be updated accordingly by the MB guys.


are we expecting them to o this soon, or do you think it will be months before it comes out.

i know you cant give dates, just wondering if they gave any feel for how long…

I’d say week(s), not months.


awesome… thanks…

I migrating now to modernbill 5.0 where can pickup the module?

The module isn’t yet available (even in BETA). I was a bit optimistic while working on it a month ago and ended up having to stop development. I spoke with Andy from MB at HostingCon regarding the module and he will be releasing it directly within MB very soon. I’ll post any updates as I get them.