Modernbill integration module

Hello all!

Interworx module within MB works like a charm, except one minor problem.

The username is strictly interworx method. 8 characters of the domain name, but if there are any numbers or dashes, interworx removes them. I don’t think MB catches this and includes it in the mb information to include in the welcome email.


Have you submitted this to ModernBill? Since it’s their software extracting info from InterWorx, it’s their bug :slight_smile:

Glad to see someone using the MB integration. A friend of mine and I are using Drams, and have noticed a number of buggs in it that I will be sending them one of these days. Briefly:

  • Packages have to be input manually (not imported from NodeWorx)
  • Package data fields do not accept wildcard character * for unlimited
  • Package data fields do not save the first time. I’ve had to input the data to create the package and then edit the package to fill in the data that it didn’t save (sometimes more than once).

I really love the software but they have a lot of work to do to get things the way they should be integrating with InterWorx’s API.


kipper3d and I worked this one out. The username is actually inconsequential in MB as it isn’t used by MB or by IWorx-CP. Both systems are e-mail address based and don’t need to agree on a common unix username.