Modify page siteworx/mysql.php?mode=user


Sometimes users create first the database then the mysql user (because it is ordered like this). After this, they don’t come back to the database page and so doesn’t give permissions to one user to this database !

A good idea would be to have a button “manage permissions” on the mysql/users list

The button will simply foward to this page siteworx/mysql.php

See the image attach and you’ll understand !

It is just a little work but will really help some newb users

I know we could do it ourself by changing the template (and will do), but I think it is a real adds in default template !


To well understand.

When a is on the page “Existing MySQL users” we put a new button behind every databases for which the user has permissions

When he clics on this button ‘manage permissions’

the use is redirected directly to “MySQL User Permissions” for this database

See the screen here

So no more users will miss to setup permissions !
If they begin to create the user then database, it is ok as on the database management there is a button
If they first create the database, then the user, it is also OK with the new buttons, and they don’t have to return to the database screen to add permissions for this user !