MovableType Issues

I tried to rebuild an entry this morning and received this error message:

Building entry ‘Monday Morning Information Overload’ failed: Build error in template ‘Date-Based Archive’: Error in <MTEntries> tag: Error in <MTEntryIfAllowComments> tag:

After some further checking I have noticed that the mt_comments table is “in use”.

After checking to see what the state of the table was I got these troubling error messages:

Table is marked as crashed
1 client is using or hasn’t closed the table properly
Found 2444 keys of 2449

I have no idea what has happened. Last night before I went to bed everything was cool. Now everything is hosed. Any ideas?

Problem resolved. Had to repair the table.

Any ideas what could cause this?

We occationaly have database coruption issues when gets Slashdotted. Aparently if you switch to the InnoDB table format, this kind of thing won’t happen. We’ll be switching a few tables to InnoDB to test things out. Of course, we won’t really be able to tell you how well it works as we may never get double-Slashdotted again.

MySQL tables are finicky and I’ve seen them get corrupted via many different avenues, sometimes just restarting the mysql server while there is a decent load will fudge things. Other times it seems to happen “randomly”. Either way, it’s a normal part of administering a server.