Moving domains from primary to secondary.


We have a client with 5 domains and now, with the “secondary domain” option, we would like to put them all under the same domain (have 1 “primary” and 4 “secondary”), but all with the same login.

Can that be done? If so, how?



There’s no easy way to do this. The reason is that the secondary domains structure is different enough that you can’t simply “downgrade” a SiteWorx account master domain to a secondary domain under a different account.

For each domain, you’d have to delete the SiteWorx account, and then bit by bit re-create the domain under another account as a secondary domain (adding e-mails, databases, uploading files, etc).


Thanks Paul,

So, in your opinion, which would be the best option in this case? Should we create a reseller account for this client? To re-create all email accounts, databases and the rest is not viable (each domain has more than 100 email accounts).