Moving Interworx and Accounts to a New Server

Fast Servers is mandating an OS chnage- I’ll be moving from Fedora Core 2 to CentOS. Is there a tutorial for moving an Interworx install?

My initial thought is that I would like to have the systems up side-by-side to properly test the migration before making DNS changes.

The simplest way to do a server move is to use the Mass Import tool:

This method works best when the accounts are not too large (less than 500MB). This method will take care of backing up each account on the old server, transferring it to the new server, and importing the account on the new server.

You could initiate a mass transfer of accounts larger than that, but your browser will most likely timeout long before the process finishes. This isn’t a huge problem, because the mass transfer will still continue in the background on the server, you just won’t get any more status updates in the browser if your browser has timed out.

If you have any problems, let us know and we’ll be glad to help out.


A few months ago I was importing a huge backup of a site - probably at least 1 or 2GB - my browser didn’t timeout, it just kept loading until the import was done. Although that’s Firefox (was 1.5 then, not 2.0) - try it in IE and it probably will timeout :wink: