Moving sites from one server to another

I want to move some sites from one VPS to another.
Both sites have Interworx.

I have tried all sorts of things, but every time I ran into an error.

For instance:

? Archive file : /tmp/
? Working directory : /tmp/siteworxImportUjc5Vk
? extract archive failed
? Could not extract archive : /tmp/

I must be doing something wrong…

What would be the easiest way to move sites from one vps to another one?

Have you tried the Mass import tool on the new server to transfer them?
We did about 150+ account transfers in May time over 3 nights with that tool and was brilliant.

FYI; check the /tmp directory on the new server has enough diskspace to untar the the archive.

Thanks for the tip, the Mass import tool works great!!!

I didn’t try it before, because I wanted to move just 1 small site. I thought “Mass Import Tool” is just a bit to much for moving one small site…

we move several hundred without problem.
working good

if having any issue check permissions on both server or sshd config