Moving to a new DC

Hi All,

We are probably going to move a bunch of servers to a new DC.
When we do that, we are getting new IPs.

My questions:

What is the fastes, and most efficeient way to change the IPs of all the sites on the servers.

Are there any special interworx tricks we have to do before or after moving, like changing certain config files etc.



Right now this must be done by manually editing the IP’s in DNS Management but version 3.0 will have mass DNS editing, I believe. How soon do you intend to move your servers?

Now this sounds like a cracking idea and so we might be waiting on V3 before we migrate our servers’ across to our own dedicated IP Range :slight_smile:

Tim, can you maybe confirm that this will be a definate feature in V3? :wink:

I’ll look into it and get back to you.

Unfortunately this didn’t make it but I know it’s still on the todo list :frowning:

Okay, thanks for confirming Tim :slight_smile:

I shall resort to my previous ‘plan’ :wink:

We will be moving late december/begin of januari.

It would be nice if V3 was out in January… Would make a great belated xmas!

lol best would be late in december as we also migrate a huge box in a new DC from the 28th of december

We have a lot of reselers accounts with a lot of domains so V3 would help us, for sure !!!


All I can say Alex, is that they are working on it :wink: