Moving to new ip space -- how to do this with a live box?

We are moving to a different class C and are getting both delivered to our rack at this time. Our plan was to simply to keep the old ipspace in eth0 and put the new ip space into eth1; add new ip’s to the boxes, migrate the individual sites to the new ip’s, change dns (the dns is being hosted externally, not on the iworx boxes), unbind the old ips, get rid of that ip space and be happy.

What steps do we need to take in order to achieve this? What we thought isn’t even close apparently…


Hi Jeremy,

I’m not sure that all sounds so unfeasible - why do you say “What we thought isn’t even close apparently…”?


Currently our machine has two active Ethernet interfaces. Eth0 is hooked up to our old IP space while Eth1 is hooked up the new IP space. The plan was to unplug the cable into Eth0 and restart. Doing this I had a ping going on another machine to main IP address of Eth1. During the start up I was able to receive 6 ping replies. The ping replies stopped at the same time the interworx-cp service was starting.

I just tried stopping the firewall form the interworx-cp website on the server and it suddenly allowed me to ping the server. on the new address. Is there something in the firewall that would need to change for a new IP space?

The firewall only works on one interface, that’s probably the source of the issue.

In /etc/apf/conf.apf there’s a line like this:


That’s the interface the firewall will pay attention to. Changing that to eth1 when you want eth1 to be primary interface may fix that problem.