Multiple Sub Domain


I’m new so excuse me! Is it possible to have 2 domains (one sub) using the same site whilst testing?

I’ve created another sub domain as well as primary and sub domain not working. Anything else i need to do?




If you don’t have DNS setup properly adding new domains won’t magically work. Adding new domains just changes the webserver configuration so if DNS is setup properly, visiting the new subdomain in your browser would work correctly.

Having DNS setup properly means buying the domain name of you SiteWorx account at a registrar like, and setting the nameservers to be that of your webhost. You will need to ask your webhost for this information if you don’t know it.


HI, thanks.

What i mean is website migration for example. Got a website which is live on one server.

Created the same website on another server and works (update local hosts so points to new server).

What i want is to also allow on new server, have a load of people want to look at site BEFORE making it live without having to update hosts…

Once approved i’ll update DNS A-Records, that isn’t my problem, it’s having one site which can be connected to via several hosts names…


if you have a interworx server setup with default settings, you just need to ad a secondary domain (if you want a seperate root), or a subdomain (subfolder in parent domains root) or as a pointer (points to same root folder as parent domain.), and then just add a a record on the domains nameserver for the test domain.

The way I do this, if you have access to the server, is I actually set up a subdomain as its own SiteWorx account. So for an example is set up as its own SiteWorx account I will set up as another SiteWorx account. Keeps the installs nice and clean and when I am finished with the test site I just delete the SiteWorx account everything is removed.

And if I am giving access to a developer to the test site I do not have to worry about accidentally something going array that would cause damage to the production/main site.

wait for few days so that it may get activated for viewing the domains feature that would work well