Mysql and Inno db


One of my clients needs innodb . How can i enable the innodb ? There will be any problem with my other client that use myISAM ?

Thanks in advance


I’m not aware of anyone using this on an Iwor box, but it should be okay. I can say for certain that it won’t break the InterWorx panel itself as it runs on it’s own mysql deemon. As for how it would effect your other clients it’s hard to say for certain untill you try it but you should probably be fine.

This appears to be a commercial product. You will need purchase a license and then to download it from and follow the install instructions.

If you decide to give this a try please report back here how it went but please also be aware that this is not something we support, so if you mess anything up we can’t fix it for you.

InnoDB works fine with IWorx Dimitris. You can enable it normally by commenting out ‘skip-innodb’ from the /etc/my.cnf file.