MySQL cluster on an Interworx cluster


We use the interworx cluster on a private Gigabit lan.

Our problem is the load average used by MySQL on the cluster manager.

We really think to install a MySQL cluster (with NDBCluster motor or without ?).

We have done some tests on non interworx boxe to setup a mysql cluster (with 3 boxes one for the console management node and 2 for the storage/mysql nodes).

We hesitate between try to install the real mysql cluster or just start mysql on the cluster node and share /var/lib/mysql

We know it could have locks problem but in fact the cluster manager doesn’t serve http request at all. The cluster manager just serves mysql and interworx. All others nodes serves httpd and pop3/imap/smtp requests (we did this to lower the load average on the cluster manager). So with this we shouldn’t have lock problems with mysql

CAse 1 : just start mysql on the cluster manager (already the case) + one node

  • So, we start mysql on one node and then mount /var/lib/mysql from the cm (cluster-manager) to this node.
  • Then in the ipvsadm file we set a load balancing for port 3306 for the custer manager + node Ips, so all mysql requests will be sent to the cluster manager or the node
  • We surely have to change the mysql database to allow the connexion to the database from the cm and from the node.

Case 2 : Set a real mysql cluster (NDBCluster)

  • Set up on the node one storage and mysql node
  • set up on the cluster manager one storage and mysql node
  • set up on a third node the management consol only
  • these 3 boxes on a private Gigabit Lan
  • Then add in ipvsadm config file a load balancing for 3306 requests

With case2 we won’t have to mount the /var/lib/mysql directory as the mysql cluster updates itself the storage to have a perfect replication of the data.

Ok I know that these 2 conf won’t be support by interworx.
At a first analysis we don’t see why it couldn’t work on an interworx cluster installation

So few questions :

For every body

  • Do you see problems running one of these configs wtih an interworx cluster ?
  • Which of these configs could you recommend ?
  • Does some of you already setup a MySQL cluster on 2 boxes ? with interwox ?

more for interworx staff

  • Does Interworx plan to allow to have a MySQL cluster ?
  • Does Interworx plan to allow to have a MySQL server outside the cluster manager ?

The last question could be indeed a solution. Today is seems our cm has a load average because it runs every 5 mn the fively iworx cron which update rrd graphs. We have lowered the chunksize but every time the fively iworx cron run our load average go from 1.00 to 4.00-5.00 (on a dualxeon so 4 is the max we can tolerate). So if we had a mysql server on a seperate box without interworx it could be fine.

But sincerely I think that it should be a goal for interworx to allow to setup a mysql cluster.
Indeed, Interworx has choosen the cluster parts (from others things) as a diffenciation between others panel, which is great. Doing this allow big hosting company to use this panel and even small hosting company to create a real redondant and load balanced architecture. So, for me, it should be logical that interworx allows to setup a mysql cluster as a part of their cluster

Thanks for your answers and advises