MySQL databases not populating

I’ve noticed that when restoring accounts, databases are getting recreated but the sql dumps are not getting injected into the databases. This is the third time I’ve noticed it recently. I’ve fixed it by untarring the backup files and grabbing the .sql files and readding them in manually. This of course could become rather unwieldy.



Obviously, it’s not supposed to do that. If you want to open a ticket, one of our people can take a look at this to see if this is a genuine bug or something uinique to your system. Please include root and nodeworx login info.


Thanks, Tim. I think in this case, since I’ve already imported all the databases by hand, its not really necessary for me to take your time with yet another ticket. Now… if someone felt inclined to look at said backup files, then I’d be more than happy to provide one. I simply thought I would mention this thrice occuring anomaly.


It is your choice, but it’s not just a matter of taking our time – if there is a genuine bug, we’d like to know about it so we can squash it before anyone else finds it.

no, no. i got that right after i posted my unwarranted snippy response the other day. I’ve been absolutely on edge of late; all work related, i assure you. I submitted a ticket shortly after and Socheat has pounced on it. Hopefully there really isn’t an issue, but we shall see in time. Thanks, Tim.


We all have days like that – No worries :slight_smile: