MySQL Error


First off, I did try submitting this to the helpdesk, except I kept getting an error :confused: as below (please feel to edit/remove when fixed)

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/interwo1/ on line [B]157

[/B]However, I am having a problem when trying to import a sql file into mysqladmin:

 [B]MySQL said: [/B]<a href="">[IMG][/IMG]</a> 

#3 - Error writing file ‘./gpcindco_catalogue/CubeCart_Downloads.frm’ (Errcode: 122)

Any ideas?

It seems that the table file could not be written. That should be /var/lib/mysql/DATABASENAME/TABLENAME.frm

Perhaps you need to create the database first, and USE that database to be in, specially if your SQL file has only “create table” chunks in it…

mysql> create database gpcindco_catalogue;
mysql> use gpcindco_catalogue;
mysql> source filename.sql;

Hope it helps.



Error code 122 means : “System error: 122 = Disk quota exceeded”

That looks to me like that account is over it’s disk quota.


Here’s a useful tip. When you get a MySQL error code like that, you can often run:

perror <errorcode> to get a more useful description of the error. For example:

[root@test3 root]# perror 122
Error code 122:  Disk quota exceeded

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/interwo1/ on line 157

We were doing some upgrading the other night, it should be working now.