MySQL on Interworx - running in ANSI Mode?

Does anyone else have phpAdNews running on an interworx server?

I have someone that is trying to run phpAdNews on his web site on my Interworx server and he can not get banners to display when loaded into the db, however they display fine when using webserver local.

I took a look at the phpAdsNew manual and it stated it had this to say:
“phpAdsNew is currently not compatible with MySQL 4 running in ANSI mode.”

Can anyone tell me if MySQL is defaulted to run in ANSI mode on a Interworx server?

I don’t believe that the default configuration is to run MySQL in ANSI mode. You can check to see if your system MySQL is running in ANSI mode by doing the following:

grep rootdsn ~iworx/iworx.ini
mysql -u iworx -h -p
<paste the rootdsn as the password>

That should give you the current mode of the system mysql. I would also check /etc/my.cnf and see if the mode is getting set in there.

Also, here are the MySQL docs on various modes-

As for having a successful phpAdsNew Installation on an InterWorx server, I believe Socheat had/has one, but he’s in the Bahamas, so I doubt he can answer just yet :wink:

Hope this helps.


Thanks Dustin, I will check this out…and I hope Socheat is/had a great time in the Bahamas!

Lucky guy just got married so I imagine he is – being on his honeymoon and all :smiley: