MySQL settings in NodeWorx

Have a server that is used pretty much by only two sites. One of the sites is having a lot of MySQL issues. And at times slows the server down.

The RAM was recently increased from 1GB to 3GB (single P4) on this server in hopes of that the server would not “bogg down”.

While the increased RAM did help some, still having issue with mysql quearys. Here is a shot of the [SIZE=2]Current MySQL Processes[/SIZE]
Username Database Command Time
username_user2 database_osc Sleep 300
username_user1 database_livehelp Query 2

At any given time during the day 30 to 50 Querys are running according to the NodeWorx MySQL Queries Chart


Under the MySQl Server Options would you increase to see if the “bogging down” can be eliminated?

Have you tried installing MyTop:

And watching the queries for say, 10-15 minutes? You may find that one of your sites has an inefficient query running that is bogging your server down.

No I havent, I will give this a try., thanks