MySQL Upgrade Question

I have Interworx running on FC3, with MySQL 3.23.58. Is it safe to upgrade MySQL by just downloading MySQL 4 from http://www, and doing an rpm -Uvh ? Or is there a chance it could cause problems?

I need to upgrade to MySQL 4 urgently, please help me with the best way to do this.




The short answer is that I don’t know. IWorx-CP should be fine with it
but it’s never been tested so I can’t give an authroritative answer nor
can we really support it.

I’d say proceed with caution.



Thanks for the reply. I would love to see the day when MySQL 4 on FC is supported out of the box on Interworx. :slight_smile:

Anyway, for now, I am gonna backup my MySQL data folder and then upgrade MySQL with the latest RPMs. So in case something goes wrong, I can downgrade back to the previous version and copy over my data.

Does that sound like a good way to do it? Or can you suggest something better?

Let me know, I am a little paranoid by birth and like a reassurance from experts all the time :wink:


I’d make a backup, and then RPM upgrade. The originals are available via our server or any fedora mirror if you have to revert. Regarding FC and IWorx I believe FC4 has MySQL 4.x as default and we’ll be supporting it in the coming weeks.


Ah okay, that sounds good. I think I’ll just wait until you guys start supporting FC4 and upgrade then. I am using the UNION statement for an application I am building, and its supported only on MySQL4+. I’ll find alternative hosting until I can get my own box upgraded to FC4 with Interworx Support.

What about MySQL 4 on CentOS 4.1? Also, what about upgrading to PHP 5? Is that a no-no? :wink:


What about MySQL 4 on CentOS 4.1? Also, what about upgrading to PHP 5? Is that a no-no?

MySQL 4 is native on centos 4.1, so that’s not a problem. And php5 isn’t a problem either, but we don’t officially offer RPMs or support for it yet. We do provide an SRPM for easier installing.


My CentOS 4.1 is running only PHP 4.3.11 and SQL 3.23.58 :(.

Where do I find the SRPM? I need to get those upgraded for a customer today.

I’m not sure how you got the older mysql on there… was this an upgrade from CentOS 3?

There’s no mysql 3.x.x RPMs in the 4.x tree.

The SRPM for php 5.x.x is at: and it must be built on a box with mysql 4 for it to work correctly.



Upon doing a yum update a while back, the machine got upgraded (at least part way) to 4.1. The box runs fine, and Interworx reports it as 4.1, but nothing else seems to be upgraded, and yum always errors out when I try to run it now. So could you link me to the exact RPMs (either interworx or centos direct) I need to upgrade to MySQL 4 and PHP 5?



The CentOS 4.x RPMs are at:

Just look for the mysql pakcages in there (mysql, mysql-devel, mysql-server etc). They are all versioned 4.1.7 I believe.

There is no RPM for php5, you have to rebuild the SRPM I pasted a link to (unsupported) as laid out in this thread: