Need Help Setting Up an FTP

I want my clients to be able to download items from an FTP server using the Interworx control panel, but i do not know how to do it, can you help?

Also, i need help with creating some PhP programs and making them accessible via a web link, and i need to know how to do that too!

Any Tutorials/Replies would be nice :slight_smile:

Daniel Knight

In SiteWorx you can

  • Go to File Manager and create a directory
  • Go to Site Services -> FTP Accounts and add an FTP account, assigning it to a directory so that whoever uses that doesnโ€™t rummage around more than they are supposed to

Anything you put in the /domain.tld/html/ directory is web accessable.


Ok, thanks, im just waiting for my domain company to get my domain forwarding set up :slight_smile:

Anyone who can help with PhP?